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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your shop minimum?

The shop minimum is $100.

What are your rates?

Every artist works at different rates, but on average work is $150-200 per hour. Quotes can only be given by your artist after assessing size, placement, style, and detail of your tattoo. Please contact the artist you wish to work with directly to learn more.

What form of payment do you take?

Cash is preferred. No checks or crypto accepted. Only some artists accept credit cards (service fee may apply)!

Ask your artist how they accept payments.

What is your deposit policy?

Each artist requires a different amount for their deposit so be sure to work with them directly, but you will be expected to leave between $50 and $200 depending on the artist you work with and the style of work you are wanting.

Can I prepay?

No, we do not accept additional payments to the deposit but we do accept "gift payments" so you can buy a friend a tattoo!

Do you take walk-ins?

Cheeky Monkey is mostly by appointment only, but we do accept walk-ins based on availability! For walk-in tattoos it is first come first serve. If you call ahead we will ask you to come to the shop to leave a deposit or take care of you when you arrive, but we will not reserve time over the phone for a "walk-in". You have to actually walk in to the shop. 

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